About Us

Meet the Team


Sulaimaan Chamda – Manager
Abdool Sattar Cassim – Marketing and Finance
Abbas Thomas – IT and resources
Usamah Parvez Muhammed – Co-IT
Manufacturing Engineer



Insomniacs est.2016 is a team of motivated, hard-working and highly intellectual individuals who came together as a collective to become the first to participate in the Land Rover 4×4 challenge. It was by no means an easy task as many critics and pessimistic environments were placed but the team persevered thorough much pressure and doubt to become the champions of the District 4×4 competition. The Insomniacs are further enduring to become a global sensation driving their work ethics, ethos and principles to represent South Africa in the International tournament. A quote from the teams mentor and teacher, Mr Kruger is evident in their mind-set:

“Youth of today are not held by any boundaries except for the ones they choose for themselves”